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What You Need To Know About Renting A Competition Suit

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Thinking about renting your next competition suit to save some money? You're in the right place! Click here to read our raw unfiltered opinion on renting!

While renting a suit is obviously the most cost effective way to get your hands on a competition suit for your big day (besides just borrowing a friends), there are a few things you should know! But before I get into that, if you do plan to borrow a friends suit, I would make sure you’re at least able to try it on first. To the blind eye, you may not realize that her hips are 2 inches bigger around than yours (a sagging suit on show day won't look great in your costly professional photos). You also may not realize that her being 4 inches taller than you has a huge affect on how the suit fits you. You may find that her connectors simply do not look as flattering on your body as they do on hers. Finding all of these things out at the last minute will cause you unnecessary stress that your body doesn’t need so close to show day! You would be surprised on just how many factors come into play when selecting the right suit for you! With that being said, I want to point out some of the important factors you should consider when renting your next competition suit.

Not all suits are made the same

While you’re going the route of renting your suit to save money, just know that a mere $25-$50 difference in the cost of renting your suit goes a VERY long way! You need to know that what you’re paying for is still a good quality suit. You need to know that this suit is still going to fit you properly even though it wasn’t made specifically for you. What type of crystals will be on your suit? Are you able to switch out some of the connectors to a set that will better fit your body type? How can they know for sure that this suit will fit you? What measurements/information is being taken into consideration before paying to reserve this suit for you? These are all questions that should be asked, because while you’re saving money by renting your suit, you still need to make sure that this suit will fit you properly and compliment your physique.

Is it sanitary?

Now while I can’t speak for every bikini company that rents out their suits, I can speak for mine. At Bodacious Bikinis we have a 3 step process to clean our suits between every time it goes on stage. It gets washed twice (once by you, the client, before returning it, and once again by us after receiving it), and then the suit goes through a heated sanitation cycle after the second wash. We are extremely vigorous in the washing process of our suits, to ensure they stay in pristine condition. BTW... if you borrow a friend's suit, do you think they will be as thorough in their washing? Will it even be sanitized? We at Bodacious Bikinis often do alterations on suits that were purchased elsewhere that have NEVER even been washed. I’m talking not even a quick rinse in the sink to clean up in those places every woman leaves a little somthin’ somthin’ behind.. Okay, back to what I was saying about how we also sanitize our suits.. Now will this make the suit look perfect and brand new? No. Sometimes we simply cannot get every single smudge off the suit. When there is an excess of glue that sits on the suit, it just won't come off. Does that mean it’s unsanitary? No, it still gets washed multiple times and goes through the heated sanitation process. The suit itself is probably more clean than most of the surfaces you touch throughout the day #justsayin So don't be afraid to rent, but once again, just make sure you’re asking the right questions.

Will the suit look used and grungy?

Absolutely not! They don't all look perfect of course, but on stage they shine bright like a diamond

Most rentals you will find have good enough crystals on them to be very flashy and shiney on stage no matter the condition of the fabric (which is usually the first to show signs of wear). Rental suits go through alot, they go on stage probably 4-5X more than any custom suit will. BUT you get what you pay for, right? Most companies will use a rental suit until it’s absolute last dying breath! The thing is, if you look at any competition suit up close and in person you will probably find a handful of flaws. But as soon as you put it on stage under those bright lights, with that perfect posing routine music playing, and your best friends cheering you on in the crowd “WHOOOOO GO GIRL!!!” … its all perfect. When your pictures come back, you won't see any flaw on the suit. You may not love the color you wore, or how orange your tan was, or how your make up didn’t compliment your natural beauty, or how you looked ridiculously nervous.. but you won't see any of the flaws you saw up close and personal. The point is, the suit will be far from perfect (it’s a rental remember) but it will absolutely do the job of shining bright on stage and if the color wasn’t perfect, then you can pick a new color next time! THAT is the true advantage to renting (;

So what does Bodacious Bikinis offer that other companies don't?

I thought you’d never ask (; I will list a few main points that sets us apart from other rental companies…

  • We hand make every rental, that’s right every rental is made by yours truly

  • We only use Swarovski Xirius crystals

  • We have a meticulous measurement system to ensure the suit you pick will be a good fit for you

  • We have a 3 step cleaning and sanitation process, no grungy suits here y’all (btw we are located in texas :D )

  • We send you the suit in a hard-shell case for traveling and also include a silk robe for show day if needed

  • You can select from any of our in stock connectors to put on the suit you selected, AND you can add an adjustable back connector(for Bikini and Triangle tops only)!

  • We have rental suits for Bikini, Wellness, Figure, and WPD

  • We have a large variety of colors and sizes to choose from

  • You will get the best and most sincere customer service to make your suit selection a breeze!

If you have any further questions, please shoot us an email or take a look at our website (: We hope you gained some great information about renting your next suit, and we wish you the best of luck in your prep!!

IG: BodaciousBikinis

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