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Our affiliates page has companies in almost every aspect of competing. We strive to know as many Trainers, Posing Coaches, MUA's and Tanners as we can! This page is here to help you see who we would like to personally recommend if you are looking for someone to help you! Check back for more Affiliates added!!




Owner and Trainer at Metroflex Austin

I have been training in bodybuilding and related sports since 1998. I started competing in Fitness. That was back when my kids were babies — just 2 and 4 years old. It was very difficult devoting hours each day to training and taking Gymnastics while holding a full-time job, attending college night classes, and raising babies. I decided I would return to the sport when I could properly dedicate myself to it.
I returned to serious training in 2013. That was when, as a professional with years of working in corporate America, I decided to live out my passions by opening a gym and doing what came natural to me — health and fitness. I began with the goal of training to compete in women’s boxing. After several disappointing prospects where I signed up for a bout but had no competitor to fight, I decided to train to compete in Figure and Physique.

I own and manage the Metroflex Gym in Austin, Texas. Metroflex Austin is a one-of-a-kind training facility. We walk the walk and talk the talk. From middle school athletes to bodybuilders to powerlifters to college ball players, we build champions. We also make goals come true! We are known as a hardcore warehouse gum where music is blaring and iron is clanging. The vibe of Metroflex Austin is one that will drive you to work until you leave everything you have on the floor.

A personal trainer with over 15 years experience, I accept clients in person and online for weight loss and for women’s competitions. I can assist with nutrition needs and meal prepping. I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration with a major in health and nutrition.

aWARD Winning Fitness- Mitchell is the founder of aWARD Winning Fitness and has been working as a personal trainer since 2014. He has always had a love for fitness and helping people achieve goals in weight loss and overall health. Mitch has his personal training certificate from NASM and a Bachelors degree in History and kinesiology from the University of Texas State. Mitch Ward is not just a personal trainer looking for a workout partner. It is his passion and desire to build relationships while building, fixing and remolding your goals for your body. As Veteran in the US Military, Mitch was able to develop as a man and find out what genuine accountability was. It is during his time serving our country that he found out what his calling in life was. Being a personal trainer is one of the greatest jobs in the world. “Every day, I get to wake up and help people reach their goals. Weight loss, self-improvement, life transformation are just a couple goals that my clients have had. If you give me the opportunity to help change your life, I’ll commit every day making sure that happens.” He has a background in powerlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, programming, weight loss, weight gain and overall heath.

AB's Fitness- Alex and Beth are from Nashville, TN, have moved to Austin, TX and are Certified in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition. Because fitness has been a part of their lives and is what brought them together, they felt the need to make their passion their careers. They started AB's Fitness, LLC. with the vision of helping people become a better version of themselves through health and fitness.

AB's Fitness, LLC. is a personal training business for all aspects of fitness - weight loss and transformations, strength, bodybuilding, functional and general fitness. Their trainers   

have experience in helping in all areas not only for clients, but for themselves. If you're looking for personal trainers/coaches that understand what you are going through, AB's Fitness may be a great fit for you.

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Posing Coaches

FRNTnCTR Posing Coach- Jacqueline Gomez is a fitness enthusiast and IFBB Bikini Pro living out of Queens NY. She’s been competing since 2014, so she knows what it takes to present a professional winning physique.

Jacqueline has climbed through the ranks as an amateur and continues as a pro athlete. Her passion for helping others in the fitness industry is the cornerstone foundation of what makes her an incredible FRNTnCTR posing coach. Being a professional competitor Jacqueline knows exactly what it takes to reach the next level and the importance of being show ready.

AB's Fitness- For Bodybuilding Competitors including but not limiting to Bikini, Women's & Men's Athletic, Women's Figure, Women's & Men's Physique, Men's Classic Physique and Bodybuilding, we offer posing coaching for all federations. Individual sessions are also available. Sessions are held out of Anytime Fitness in our Group Fitness room.

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