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~We now offer QUICK ORDER Custom Suits that have been popular as a Rental or ordered several times. Check them out below!! ALL Quick Order Suits are 15% off!!

~For Custom, you pick your fabric, your stones, your design, your cut, and your connectors!

~We do not cut any corners or use any cheap materials. You can expect the best quality from everything we use for our competition suits.

~If you fall in love with something we have already made and it is not in our quick order options, just let us know and we can re-create a new one just for you! We do not pre-make anything.

~If you're in a bind for a last minute suit, check out our Rental Collection. You can have something amazing and fully embellished for your show without spending so much!

What is Swarovski?

Swarovski rhinestones are the best quality rhinestones or crystals in the market. They have been manufactured in Austria since 1895. The most popular rhinestone is the 2088 Xirius Rhinestone. The 2088 crystals are called "Xirius" after the brightest star in the galaxy.  The new cut features 16 facets bringing it one step closer to the diamond. The Swarovski Shimmer Collection add an effect of more brilliance, color vibrancy and unique light refractions to your suit. Softer, more elegant shimmer that radiates 3 shades of a single color.

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