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Congratulations on starting a competition prep!! 

It's time for one of the fun parts of prep, aside from show day of course! This page will have all of the information you need to order a competition suit that best fits what you are looking for and your budget.

Before we get started, I would like to introduce myself so you know who is helping you order your competition suit! 

Maredith's 2nd Competition

Meet Maredith, the owner and creator of Bodacious Bikinis. She started competing in 2015 and along side her is her husband, Raul. Maredith competed twice before starting her own line of competition suits when her expectations of the first suit she purchased was not met for the price she paid and experiences she endured. With a long experience of sewing and never-ending support from her dearest friend, Lindey; a seasoned competitor and posing connoisseur,  she had all the tools needed to create a suit company that was going to make waves! Before launching Bodacious, Maredith spent over 6 months researching reputable companies to bring the best materials to her brand. 

Maredith is a committed mom of 2 beautiful and spirited children. After her first competition she quickly fell in love with the sport and still has a lot of plans for her competition future! The blue suit she is in wasn't made by her and she has a lot appreciation for that company still! One thing Maredith is a firm believer of is to not make enemies, it's better to have an alliance whether it be in business or friendship. 

Regardless if you're a seasoned competitor or a first timer, the Bodacious Bikinis team is here and ready to help you through this exciting process.

Below we will give you a basic step by step guide to ordering a competition bikini. 

Let the fun begin! 

Step 1: Fabric Color

Picking a color of your suit is the first and usually the hardest part! We have a very wide variety of colors and different shades of colors too! Just keep in mind, the color of crystals you put on the suit will affect the overall color your suit will have on stage. 

Step 2: Crystals!! 

Picking the crystals to put on your bikini is generally the longest process. There are several colors to pick from and the combinations are endless!

If you have an idea of how you're wanting the overall look of the suit then we can send you some ideas vie email or text, but if you have no idea then we will help! We will send you design ideas that fit within your budget and color combinations that will compliment the fabric color. 


When shopping for a competition suit, ASK what rhinestones will be on your suit. We have noticed that there are many suits out there with just a resin type crystal and the companies say they sparkle just as well, but if they don't say they are a high quality rhinestone, then chances are it won't sparkle at all on stage and create a dull gloss effect. As competitors AND suit makers, this makes us very sad and do not want anybody to be taken advantage of! Make sure to ask what you are paying for!

Step 3: Connectors

Okay the hardest part is over!! Now you get to pick connectors! As pictured, your standard set of connectors are the top, middle, and bottom. These do not come in any specific sets, you can mix and match them how ever you like! The in-stock connectors are included in your suit purchase price. Back connectors are an additional charge of $10 for bikini and $20 for Figure/WPD.

If you want a connector we don't have pictured below, just let us know and we can check our supplier for it. Some may come at an extra cost.

Connector Choices

Step 4: Bottom Cut

Booty time!! We like to keep it simple so we've got 2 cuts for you ladies to choose from. Pro and Semi-Pro(Brazilian). There are mulitple sizes for Pro and Semi-Pro as well. There is no cut that a judge will prefer over the other. When picking a bottom cut, you want to pick something that fits your body best and will compliment your glutes.

Also, Be sure to follow your federstion rules on glute coverage/exposure.

The Pro cut is much more revealing than the semi-pro. 

Be sure to check with your federation and show rules, not everyone allows the pro cut. Only by special request will we make a Micro-pro.

And that's it!! 

You're ready to place your competition suit order!

*insert happy dance*

Please email us at to start your order! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay the full balance at once?

No , you don't have to! For Bikini we accept a 50/50 payment plan and for Figure/WPD we accept a 40/30/30 payment plan. Once the first portion is paid we will get the suit made and shipped out for fitting within 2-4 weeks. After the suit is shipped back from the fitting, the final balance or 2nd payment is due to apply the crystals and ship the completed product.

What if i need my suit altered in the future?

Bodacious Bikinis will do any suit alterations free of charge regardless of when you purchased your suit. 

How do I know if the suit will fit me?

We have a very accurate measuring system that we use on all clients. We will use your current measurements and pictures to pick the best size for you and we will get updated measurements when it's time to send the completed suit to you! 

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