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~Posing Suits~

Posing suits are the perfect addition to any competitors gym bag or closet! We all know how essential posing is to any competition prep! We offer posing suits to help extend the life of your competition suit since it is a crucial investment to competing. Bodacious posing suits have a hip connector AND string ties to follow your body from start to finish in prep! 


~CLICK HERE to view our fabric line to create a fun Posing Suit! 

~Check below for Pre-made Posing Suits that are on sale and ready for Quick Ship!!

    ~Pre-made Posing Suits~

    These are Pre-made Posing Suits for sale($35.00 OFF) and available for Quick Ship!

    Only one of each are made and will not be available once sold and if remade again. Check the details of each suit for sizing. Use Code  BBPOSING for Free Shipping!!

    Pre-made Posing Suits